INFIGO Built Sydney’s Only Urban Winery at the Entertainment Quarter

Infigo was engaged to assist in the design then deliver the construction of the newly acquired space of boutique wine makers Urban Winery. The space inherited by Urban Winery was a defunct theatre that once housed The Simpsons exhibition at the old Fox Studios. With old tiered structures and elements of the old theme park still intact, the space posed serious design challenges.


UrbanWineCo1Working with Urban Winery and BJB Architects, Infigo developed a space that was allowed the functionality of the client’s wine making operations, yet stylish enough to facilitate their functions, classes and walk in bar.

Key design features included;

  • Functional, flexible event space with enough design utility to enhance events of any size or configuration,
  • Rustic and earthy features and motifs to underscore the client’s position as a local artisan and provider,
  • Cost effective back of house solutions to optimise day to day operations and servicing for events and classes conducted in house,

UrbanWineCo6Key challenges on the project included;

  • Working underneath an operational film post-production studio, making noisy works next to impossible during working hours,
  • Assuming the D&C role whilst working with a client whose needs were evolving throughout the life of the project,

Infigo is proud to have taken this project from a simple hand sketch to a lively, functional and enticing space for a local artisan contributing to the regeneration of popularity in locally sourced and made produce.